Who Are We?


TARIMKON is an international non-governmental organization, rapidly growing every day, which acts in the field of agriculture, food and sub-industry related to these sectors by supply, demand, consultancy and joint consultation with project owners under a single roof; by completing the economic integration and economic cooperation in 81 provinces in Turkey, in 640 districts, established in 44 countries around the world and in 12 countries with sales and marketing offices.

TARIMKON has placed the mentality of ‘’FIRST MARKET THEN PRODUCE'’ instead of ‘’FIRST PRODUCE THEN MARKET’’.

TARIMKON is the only and the largest NGO who serves to its national and international members, sector representatives, businessmen, farmers of the world, producers, investors, other NGO's, cooperatives and local governments on importing, exporting, foreign investments, national and international agriculture, food, mechanization, technology and environment.


We are as an NGO to promote the use of modern technology and high quality production materials in agricultural production, quality increase in food sector,

To work on behalf of the sector representatives to reach new international markets, to meet the healthy nutrition requirements of the societies in terms of economic, ecological and socially sustainable ways with sufficient quantity and quality.

To create an advanced, modern, reliable, people-oriented producer-consumer / supply-demand balance that can compete in the international arena with the contribution of agriculture and agricultural industry which increases the efficiency by protecting the biodiversity and transforming it to the social benefit.


We aim to produce projects to be able to conduct economic and political developments in the global arena in cooperation with public-institutions, organizations, civil society, private sector and universities in the international field of agriculture, food and environment,

To be one of the most important investment, finance and R & D centers in the world with a significant share in global trade, innovative entrepreneurship, global entrepreneurship, leading entrepreneurs and brands,

To contribute to the competitiveness of the sector in the free market conditions and in the international market by taking into account the sustainable development in raising the income level and welfare of farmers, producers, sector representatives and sector employees,

To be able to meet the healthy nutrition needs of societies in order to increase the productivity in agricultural production and increase the quality of the food sector by using modern technology, high efficiency and high quality production materials with the slogan  ''Agriculture is for everyone'',

To create an improved producer-consumer balance that can compete internationally with the contribution of agriculture and agricultural industry, which increases productivity while preserving biodiversity and transforming it to social benefit.


Organization, Duties, Authotity and Responsibilities of TARIMKON


TARIMKON GENERAL ASSEMBLY; consists of the delegates appointed from the sub-member organizations that make up the organization. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority of TARIMKON. The General Assembly shall authorize the Board of Directors to carry out the duties and activities to be carried out within the framework of the powers granted by the Statute of TARIMKON and the related laws.

Board of Directors; it consists of 15 noble and 15 substitute members. The General Assembly is determined by the general election held in the month of DECEMBER every three years. The Board of Directors is the highest board authorized by the bylaws and authorized by the General Assembly to carry out the aims and activities of TARIMKON.


The Supervisory Board consists of 3 principal and 3 substitute members. It is the unit that audits the Board of Directors' usage of the duties, authorities and budget in accordance with the laws and procedures and reports to the general assembly. Each year, the Board of Audit carries out audits at least twice a year and submits these reports to the board of directors and submits one copy to the chairman of the general assembly meeting to ensure that it is read in the general assembly. The Audit Board may obtain assistance from the independent auditor institutions at any time by joint decision. However, this does not completely eliminate the responsibility of the board of auditors.

Inner control; The Board of Directors conducts absolute internal audits at any time and at least once every 3 years. Internal Audit must be made by an independent auditor with the decision of the Board of Directors.

Purpose of Internal Audit: To evaluate whether the resources are managed according to the principles of economy and efficiency to add value to TARIMKON studies and improvements.


The Disciplinary Board consists of 3 principal and 3 substitute members. Investigating whether the delegates, commissions and council members / members delegated to it by the Board of Directors use the duties and authorities assigned to them in accordance with the bylaws, objectives and activities may decide to return, condemnation, warning and / or export to the office when necessary. The Board of Directors may delegate the delegate, commission and council member (s) he delegated to the Disciplinary Committee to the task of dismissing him / herself until the decision is made.

The Board of Directors may even delegate the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Discipline to the Disciplinary Board by majority of the votes if deemed necessary. If one and / or more than one member of the Discipline Board is referred to the Disciplinary Board, the substitute members are called for a replacement.

The authority to investigate the Disciplinary Board may be granted by the Board of Directors. The Disciplinary Board expects a transfer from the Board of Directors in order to process the reports coming to the Disciplinary Board directly and to obtain the authorization of investigation.


It is composed of academicians in the national and international fields that the sector knows and respects within the objectives and activities of the organization. The Board is determined by the approval of the Board of Directors. The members of the Science Board may work in at least two working groups and commissions on their fields at the same time.

Duties of the Science Board:

• To make policy decisions for the effective fulfillment of the scientific and academic work of the organization,

• To conduct scientific and R & D activities within the organization's activities,

• To give an opinion on the issues that the board needs,

• To give an opinion on the organization's information and translation production and activities,

• To contribute to the preparation of annual scientific and cultural programs with the organization's strategic plan,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is the department that consulted with the information and consultancy about the social, cultural, economic, bureaucratic and functioning of our organization, which is composed of national and international knowledge, experienced, leader in the field and the persons who have reputation in public-institutions and organizations. The decisions taken by this board are recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Our Consulting


It is a unit which follows and finalizes the customs clearance and/or customs procedures of the products / goods of which the member or service of the TARIMKON.

Duties of Customs Consultancy;

 In the export and import activities of our members and / or our businesses, which we have provided under the consultancy of our organization;

• Ensuring that customs procedures are carried out in accordance with the legislation,

• Ensuring that customs duty and other taxes to be collected by the customs administrations correctly,

• Providing consultancy services to our members in the field of foreign trade,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors,


It is the unit that is responsible for carrying out national and international legal procedures of our organization.

Duties of Legal Consultancy;

• To take legal measures to prevent any disputes arising from the national and international activities of our organization and our organization members, and to give opinions on the settlement of disputes through peace.

• To organize national and international conventions of our organization and our organization members,

• Representation of all kinds of legal disputes in domestic and foreign arbitration proceedings, enforcement proceedings and judiciary, in cases where our organization and our organization members are national and international parties,

• To review and follow up the legal opinions regarding the disputes between the third parties in the national and international area regarding the activities and services of our organization and our organization members,

• To prepare the necessary legal proposals in order to ensure that our organization works in accordance with the project's prepared program in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors,


General Secretary


The unit is composed of professional staff that is responsible for the implementation of the activities carried out within the framework of the statute, mission and vision of the Organization. The staff of the General Secretary shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. It directs the work of its entire staff within the framework of the strategy policies and recommendations determined by the board of directors within the framework of the aims and activities of our organization, and it is the unit that coordinates the relations of all sub-organs in this basis.


It is consists of a general secretary and five general secretary deputies. The Board of Directors determines the duties of these secretaries. The Secretary General shall determine the office of the Deputy Secretary General after determining the terms of reference of the Deputy Secretary General at the Board of Directors. It is obliged to carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


 Our Office


It is the department responsible for the accounting, finance, employment, administrative and editorial affairs of the organization in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Organization.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To carry out the tasks related to the preparation and implementation of the organization's budget, making reconciliation,

• To carry out financial and administrative processes, producing new financial resources,

• To process the administrative and financial documentation on a daily basis, to ensure that the accounts are kept properly and correctly,

• To protect, fill, copy and store documents and information,

• To carry out personnel affairs and keeping the personal files up-to-date and maintained,

• To perform tasks / actions other than the duty definition, in order to realize the performance indicators and quality targets defined in the quality objectives and process performance indicators monitoring and measurement table,

• To comply with occupational health and safety instructions and training, risk assessment results, emergency plans, safety and health signs and practices,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is the unit that organizes organizations in order to introduce the aims and activities of the organization to the wider masses at national and international level, to raise the awareness of the organization and to create new business partnerships in line with the aims and activities of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To organize business trips to increase the export and import of our members within the objectives and activities of the Organization,

• To organize meetings such as B2B, B2C, multiple business meetings, congresses, symposiums, panels, summits,

• To organize promotional and commercial meetings in order to increase the exports of our members and / or to cooperate with the public-institutions, organizations, and to carry out lobbying activities in other countries of the world,

• To help identify the national and international product marketing strategy,

• To share research results of national and international incentives, support, grants and credit systems with our public, institutions and organizations.

• To try to introduce the organization's objectives, activities and projects towards the relevant public-institutions and organizations by preparing a satisfactory, up-to-date, clear, easy to understand visual and printed materials,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is a unit that carries out training and certification programs on national and international market researches, land, water, animal resources, technology, mechanization, food safety and reliable food to the national-international institutions, establishments, legal and all real persons.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To perform pre-service and in-service training to improve the professional and personal competencies of the members of the Organization and their employees at all levels,

• To conduct and carrying out demand-oriented agricultural training for the developing needs of the sector at national and international level,

• To determine the training needs of the sector in the national and international area, to conduct research to increase the effectiveness of the trainings given, to prepare reports and to make opinions and suggestions to the board of directors,

• To cooperate with relevant national and international public-institutions and organizations, to carry out educational activities, to prepare joint projects to ensure the transfer of agricultural experiences and technologies within the objectives and activities of the Organization,

• To prepare and prepare written, visual and auditory educational materials, primarily in electronic environment, in relation to working subjects within the objectives and activities of the Organization,

• To produce policies and strategies on agriculture, food and environmental awareness in national and international arena,

• To bring solutions to the problems of the sector, to produce producers, to produce young farmers,

• To support national and international marketing and market research,

• To assist the members of our organization and our internationally internationally cooperated organizations in the export, import, quality, capacity and business needs of the need for national and international documents and documentation,

• To help to produce skilled human resources for the agriculture and food sector, to make labor market analyzes,

• To submit a certificate of participation or certificate at the end of the program according to the nature of the training given to our organizations and our national international cooperation organizations,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is our unit that provides healthy structuring, activities and qualifications of its members and makes necessary preparations for research, development, quality, innovation, diversity, qualification and efficiency.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To provide infrastructure, technology, efficiency and quality service to each unit of our organization,

• To establish the intellectual infrastructure of the works, analyzing the objectives and programs of the entire organizational structure,

• To follow the science and technology reached by the sector in national and international fields according to the aims, activities and projects of the organization, to conduct research,

• To provide R & D support to the work of the members of our organization and the public-institutions and organizations we cooperate in national and international fields, and offering solutions to their problems,

• To carry out necessary work on technology, mechanization, research and business development in our organization and organization members' projects and activities and to provide them access to these services,

• To carry out activities to increase the quality and efficiency of business development, production and organization of our organization and organization members, cooperating with national-international public-institutions and organizations for this purpose,

• To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is a unit which to inform the national and international public by making information and compilations about project, education, scientific, social, cultural and artistic activities.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To carry out the written and visual media activities of our organization and to ensure that the activities of our organization take place in national and international media,

• To organize press conferences, preparing statements to be served in written and visual media, gathering news and information in the media on behalf of our organization,

• To develop press activity projects to increase the visibility and awareness of the services of our organization,

• To prepare all kinds of written, visual and printed materials for the purpose, activities and promotion of our organization,

• To stay in constant contact with the public and the press, bringing the other duties assigned by the board of directors.


This unit aims to develop, expand, diversify, improve the quality and efficiency of the organization, organizational theory, strategic management, marketing, sales, potential growth management, analytical feedback management, procurement, accounting and financial planning and customized systems to produce units.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To produce strategies to identify deficiencies in the project, market, marketing, quality, productivity, product and service development process of the organization and our organization members,

• To conduct national / international competitive analyzes, to determine the initial steps for a new project of business developers, to establish SWOT analysis,

• Within the framework of the organization's understanding of networking, to help to establish strategic relations and alliances with real and legal entities based on sound references,

• To work together with all departments of the organization due to the different approaches and working areas within our organization,

• To develop finance, insurance and guarantor systems in the business development of the organization's projects and members.


It is our unit which helps to find new markets and reach new markets for the products and services produced by our members in Turkey.


Duties and Responsibilities;

• To prepare market report for our members in Turkey and explore new markets for our businesses,

• To conduct studies in the newly created market, producing supply and demand, conducting economic, social researches, preparing reports, sharing with the public,

• To guide economic, economic activities and activities, creating models and trying to disseminate these models,

• To try to establish alternative financing facilities, guarantor and insurance systems to facilitate the import and export of the sector.


This unit checks whether the members and / or the public-institutions and organizations that we cooperate with are supplying the requested products and / or services from the national-international markets and the quality of the products and / or services that the parties have agreed upon in written before shipment. This is the unit which certifies the parties after the inspection.

Duties and Responsibilities;

The main aim of the quality control system is to prevent the inadequacy of the production, the negativities in export / import,

• To prevent unqualified and / or non-standard products from taking measures for the member enterprises during the supply and demand,

• To try to prevent the situation of supply and demand from both sides by giving an indication of the possible human source error of the supplying enterprises.

As well as the main purpose of the quality control system is to prevent quality in production, negativity in export / import, quality control has secondary purposes.

These are:

• To ensure the highest efficiency from the machinery and labor available, to ensure that the work is done correctly at the beginning,

• To reduce of production losses and scrap-waste rate caused by the time used to correct defective products,

• To provide the company with the products that are within the tolerances it desires,

• To prevente waste of national wealth by preventing the products from becoming idle without filling their economic lives,

• To establish confidence in domestic products in domestic markets, gaining competitiveness in foreign markets,

• To improving product quality,

• To reduce operating and quality costs and increase the morale of the business members, and organize employee and employer relations,

• To satisfy by seeing that the consumer has paid for it, reducing customer complaints and protecting the consumer,

• In terms of the manufacturer, the purpose of quality control is to meet the needs of consumers in domestic and foreign markets by producing high quality goods or services,

• In the project processes, it is seen whether the part completed until that date is realized within the planned constraints (cost, duration etc.).

As a member of TARIMKON, it is required that the real and / or legal person who wants to reach the international market should have a certain quality of production. The person who does not meet these international standards can become a member of TARIMKON but it needs to receive the necessary training, documents, consultancy, personnel and technical support until the required quality and standard.


Executive Board


The Executive Board consists of 11 members. In case of resignation or expulsion of one of these members, the Executive Board shall convene within one week and notify the Board of Directors by selecting the new member. The Executive Board members are approved by the Board of Directors and begin their work.

Executive board; It organizes the international lobbying, activities and relations of TARIMKON. Makes the organization of the country and directs and manages within the framework of the duties given by the board of directors.

Executive board; Under the board, the Directorate of International Relations, the International Organization, the Quality Control and Expertise Department, audits and organizes the activities, duties and authorities of the International Marketing and Lobbying Departments. It tries to strengthen the confederation in the international arena.


It is the unit which tries to strengthen the international arena, to bring new members, new projects and new business associations around the world, to develop the organization, to be more effective, easier and faster to access its activities and to establish international promotion, marketing and liaison offices to eliminate language and cultural differences.


This is the department that establishes and conducts our relations with the actors, states, international, regional organizations, multinational companies, international norms and international societies in the kur international system icilik of our organization. The field of study of international relations is quite broad.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To conduct international lobbying activities in favor of the organization within the framework of the aims and activities of our organization,

• To make economic, social and cultural researches about the target country / region, to prepare reports,

• To guide social, cultural, economic, economic activities and activities of the target country / region, creating models, organizing material, in-kind aid in case of need,

• To support global transformation of biodiversity into social benefit,

• To help societies meet their healthy dietary requirements in an adequate quantity, quality, economic, ecological and socially sustainable ways,

• To assist our members in our efforts to reach international new markets and market research.


It is the department that works to produce international market research, supply and demand in new markets for our organization, organization members and / or public-institutions, organizations we cooperate with.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To establish supply and demand, manage supply and demand, move our products, services, technology, information and engineer products, services, technology, information and engineer to the international field,

• To conduct lobbying activities for the government, public institutions, institutions,

• To conduct international market researches, create marketing strategies,

• To organize cooperation meetings, B2C, B2B business vision organizations, to assist the team conducting international market research,

• To establish and assist in the establishment of marketing offices in countries with international market and marketing potential.


 International Marketing Offices


Our organization tries to provide on-site accessibility in service by establishing a marketing and promotion office in the countries we select in order to enable our members and / or the public-institutions and organizations we cooperate with to reach new international markets more easily, efficiently and quickly. Many countries also cooperate with brokers. These offices go directly to potential buyers in line with the demands of our enterprises.

The main purpose of our international promotion and marketing offices is to serve the understanding of ‘‘FIRST MARKET THEN PRODUCTION'' instead of ''FIRST PRODUCTION THEN MARKET'' which is the main motto of our organization.

Agricultural and Food Partnership Assembly



This Assembly is a platform where international marketing and economic cooperation integration can be carried out, which can act with a joint consultation that brings together supply, demand, consultancy and project owners under one roof in the field of agriculture, food and environmental industries.

TARIMKON accepts the membership of real persons and companies under this platform as members and can serve to its members. With the SECTORS BOARD established within this international platform, all supply and demand owners help each other to become aware of their trade and to develop their business and networks. The Board is able to reach more than 200 thousand real and legal entities in the national and international arena and this network is growing day by day.

TARIMKON has made cooperation agreements with more than 10 countries and continues negotiations with more than 20 countries and sector leaders in these countries.


TARIMKON's mechanism for establishing institutional cooperation is sector boards. The Sector Board is affiliated with the General Secretary. Board decisions are determined in line with the needs of each sector board. These boards are composed of 3 members, including a chairman, a vice-chairman and a board secretary. The management of the Board is held every 3 years and after the General Assembly, it is determined by the election of the delegates consisting of representatives of the member enterprises.

There are 4 main sectors as Agricultural Sector Board, Food Sector Board, Livestock Sector Board and Non-Farm Side Industry Sector Board. There is a structuring of BUSINESS COUNCILS under these Sector Boards.


It is the name given to related sectoral business lines under the name of related boards. Councils are formed by the representatives of the relevant sector. The member of the council works in the legal entity, agriculture, food and related sectors. It consists of at least five real or legal persons in a work council. Business Councils are affiliated to the relevant sector board.

The main duty of business councils; the aim of the course is to enable the integration of international marketing, economic cooperation with agriculture, food and sub-industry in the field of supply, demand, consulting, investment and project owners.


What does TARIMKON membership provide to you?


Economic developments in the world are continuing rapidly. Today, with increasing world trade volume and increasing competition, the efforts of companies to increase their market share are increasing rapidly. Staying in this competitive environment depends on being successful in the international arena.

Businesses are focused on continuous development and growth. Since the internal market will allow growth at a certain rate, it is inevitable for our enterprises to open up to the international market. Otherwise, with the growth in the domestic market saturation, business graphics will now move downward.

As in the entire in business world, in our field, day-to-day projects and programs have lost their validity. Each corporate legal entity now carries out 5-10, even 50 to 100 annual plans, projects. In order to achieve this, a complete and error-free program should be conducted and set mission, vision, quality values ​​and targets.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to produce projects. A good project can take place through consultations that develop within the framework of goals, strategies and common interests, where all parties can come together.

That is exactly what TARIMKON does. Agriculture, food and industry-based supply, demand, consultancy, investment and project owners around a single table by moving around the joint consultation, economic, economic cooperation provides integration.

It supports you with the national and international market, market research, marketing and projects that will help you to bring the inputs and outputs of our sector representatives to the maximum level of their inputs and outputs.


• As part of NETWORK, which is comprised of hundreds of thousands of national and international supply / demand holders, you are aware of all the demands and demands on a global scale.

• Our organization examines your national-international competitors for you; strategies, price policies, campaigns, promotions, the consumer gives you information about the message helps you get to know your competitors.

• We try to guide you to switch to ''FIRST MARKET THEN PRODUCTION'' instead of ''FIRST PRODUCTION THEN MARKET'' understanding.

 • Business meetings (B2B, B2C, Multi-business meeting) consisting of international suppliers / buyers can be organized and promoted in these meetings.

• Your awareness within this network will increase your visibility and increase your brand value,

• Our organization relieves your workload by managing the whole operation (communication, language, logistics, customs, law, insurance, etc.) of the supply and demand it creates for you.

• Try to help you with your customs, logistics, cultural and political problems in your existing export and import.

• It will help you to solve your missing document and / or certificate requirements that you may need to complete your import / export in the national / international arena.

• All necessary training for you and / or your staff about international marketing and foreign trade will be provided by our experts and will help you to grow your company with expert staff.

• And dozens of our services have been mentioned above.

TARIMKON will continue to be the world's largest non-governmental organization with you.


National and international agricultural, food and industry-based representatives (real and legal persons), by filling out the full membership form of TARIMKON, (this form can be obtained from www.tarimkon.org), must deliver to the presidency of TARIMKON. (It can be sent to info@tarimkon.org.)

The membership application form which comes to the presidency is evaluated by the board of directors convened once a week. The Board of Directors may accept and reject who are applying for membership, or may propose to remain observer members for a period of time.

Observer Member: In order to examine the candidates who are applying for membership of TARIMKON, board of directors of TARIMKON may register the candidate member as an observer. The observer member cannot benefit from any economic and economic activity of TARIMKON. Participate in social and cultural activities.

Observer members TARIMKON may be allowed to participate as a guest in other activities depending on the decision of the board of directors of TARIMKON. An observer member shall be entitled to withdraw from membership at any time.

Voting Method: Every real and legal person, board, commission, work council member who is a member of TARIMKON shall cast his votes by secret ballot in the general assembly. The ballot paper is checked by the Presidency of the Council to see if it is clean and understandable. No real and / or legal member who does not pay the membership fees cannot vote, but cannot be a candidate to serve in any of the units of TARIMKON




TARIMKON, acting in accordance with these objectives, has been in the process of 10 years;

• To establish a sales and marketing office in 44 countries where our organization exists and to raise the number of organized countries to at least 90 countries,

• To train international marketing specialists in all of our sales and marketing offices,

• To ensure the completion of market research for the agriculture and food sector of all target countries and to keep them up to date,

• To bring at least 5,000 companies those are members of TARIMKON to new international markets,

• To help increase the country image of the target countries,

• To contribute to the increase in productivity and quality in the production of agricultural and food sectors in the target countries,

• To ensure the continuity of activities that will enable our enterprises reaching to the international market through TARIMKON,

• To carry out B2B, B2C, Multi-job interviews, delegation organizations with at least 10 countries every year among TARIMKON's international marketing target countries.

• To get a shareholding of World Agriculture and Food trade volume of the target countries, within the scope of these activities with percantages below

1st Year: 0.5% | Year 2: 1% | 3rd Year: 2.5% | 4. Year: 4% | Year 5: 5% | 6th Year: 6% | 7. Year: 7% | Year 8: 7.5% | Year 9: 8% | 10th Year: 8,5%


TARIMKON is proud to work together with every real and legal person within the framework of international marketing and economic cooperation integration platform, which can act with a joint consultation under one roof, supply, demand, consultancy and project owners in the field of agriculture, food and related industries.

TARIMKON will continue to provide national and international marketing support to our manufacturers, businesses, companies and businessmen with philosophy of ‘’YOU JUST PRODUCE, LEAVE US THE REST’’.