The Executive Board consists of 11 members. In case of resignation or expulsion of one of these members, the Executive Board shall convene within one week and notify the Board of Directors by selecting the new member. The Executive Board members are approved by the Board of Directors and begin their work.

Executive board; It organizes the international lobbying, activities and relations of TARIMKON. Makes the organization of the country and directs and manages within the framework of the duties given by the board of directors.

Executive board; Under the board, the Directorate of International Relations, the International Organization, the Quality Control and Expertise Department, audits and organizes the activities, duties and authorities of the International Marketing and Lobbying Departments. It tries to strengthen the confederation in the international arena.


It is the unit which tries to strengthen the international arena, to bring new members, new projects and new business associations around the world, to develop the organization, to be more effective, easier and faster to access its activities and to establish international promotion, marketing and liaison offices to eliminate language and cultural differences.


This is the department that establishes and conducts our relations with the actors, states, international, regional organizations, multinational companies, international norms and international societies in the kur international system icilik of our organization. The field of study of international relations is quite broad.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To conduct international lobbying activities in favor of the organization within the framework of the aims and activities of our organization,

• To make economic, social and cultural researches about the target country / region, to prepare reports,

• To guide social, cultural, economic, economic activities and activities of the target country / region, creating models, organizing material, in-kind aid in case of need,

• To support global transformation of biodiversity into social benefit,

• To help societies meet their healthy dietary requirements in an adequate quantity, quality, economic, ecological and socially sustainable ways,

• To assist our members in our efforts to reach international new markets and market research.


It is the department that works to produce international market research, supply and demand in new markets for our organization, organization members and / or public-institutions, organizations we cooperate with.

Duties and Responsibilities;

• To establish supply and demand, manage supply and demand, move our products, services, technology, information and engineer products, services, technology, information and engineer to the international field,

• To conduct lobbying activities for the government, public institutions, institutions,

• To conduct international market researches, create marketing strategies,

• To organize cooperation meetings, B2C, B2B business vision organizations, to assist the team conducting international market research,

• To establish and assist in the establishment of marketing offices in countries with international market and marketing potential.