Tt is the department responsible for the accounting, finance, employment, administrative and editorial affairs of the organization in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Organization. 

Duties and Responsibilities;

To carry out the tasks related to the preparation and implementation of the organization’s budget, making reconciliation,
To carry out financial and administrative processes, producing new financial resources,
To process the administrative and financial documentation on a daily basis, to ensure that the accounts are kept properly and correctly,
To protect, fill, copy and store documents and information,
P To carry out personnel affairs and keeping the personal files up-to-date and maintained,
To perform tasks / actions other than the duty definition, in order to realize the performance indicators and quality targets defined in the quality objectives and process performance indicators monitoring and measurement table,
To comply with occupational health and safety instructions and training, risk assessment results, emergency plans, safety and health signs and practices,
To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is the unit that organizes organizations in order to introduce the aims and activities of the organization to the wider masses at national and international level, to raise the awareness of the organization and to create new business partnerships in line with the aims and activities of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To organize business trips to increase the export and import of our members within the objectives and activities of the Organization,
To organize meetings such as B2B, B2C, multiple business meetings, congresses, symposiums, panels, summits,
Ü To organize promotional and commercial meetings in order to increase the exports of our members and / or to cooperate with the public-institutions, organizations, and to carry out lobbying activities in other countries of the world,
To help identify the national and international product marketing strategy,
To share research results of national and international incentives, support, grants and credit systems with our public, institutions and organizations,
To try to introduce the organization’s objectives, activities and projects towards the relevant public-institutions and organizations by preparing a satisfactory, up-to-date, clear, easy to understand visual and printed materials,
To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


TIt is a unit that carries out training and certification programs on national and international market researches, land, water, animal resources, technology, mechanization, food safety and reliable food to the national-international institutions, establishments, legal and all realpersons.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To perform pre-service and in-service training to improve the professional and personal competencies of the members of the Organization and their employees at all levels,
UTo conduct and carrying out demand-oriented agricultural training for the developing needs of the sector at national and international level,
To determine the training needs of the sector in the national and international area, to conduct research to increase the effectiveness of the trainings given, to prepare reports and to make opinions and suggestions to the board of directors,
To cooperate with relevant national and international public-institutions and organizations, to carry out educational activities, to prepare joint projects to ensure the transfer of agricultural experiences and technologies within the objectives and activities of the Organization,
TTo prepare and prepare written, visual and auditory educational materials, primarily in electronic environment, in relation to working subjects within the objectives and activities of the Organization
To produce policies and strategies on agriculture, food and environmental awareness in national and international arena,
To bring solutions to the problems of the sector, to produce producers, to produce young farmers,
To support national and international marketing and market research,
To assist the members of our organization and our internationally internationally cooperated organizations in the export, import, quality, capacity and business needs of the need for national and international documents and documentation,
To help to produce skilled human resources for the agriculture and food sector, to make labor market analyzes,
To submit a certificate of participation or certificate at the end of the program according to the nature of the training given to our organizations and our national international cooperation organizations,
To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.



It is our unit that provides healthy structuring, activities and qualifications of its members and makes necessary preparations for research, development, quality, innovation, diversity, qualification and efficiency.
Duties and Responsibilities;

To provide infrastructure, technology, efficiency and quality service to each unit of our organization,
To establish the intellectual infrastructure of the works, analyzing the objectives and programs of the entire organizational structure,
To follow the science and technology reached by the sector in national and international fields according to the aims, activities and projects of the organization, to conduct research,
To provide R & D support to the work of the members of our organization and the public-institutions and organizations we cooperate in national and international fields, and offering solutions to their problems,
TTo carry out necessary work on technology, mechanization, research and business development in our organization and organization members’ projects and activities and to provide them access to these services,
To carry out activities to increase the quality and efficiency of business development, production and organization of our organization and organization members, cooperating with national-international public-institutions and organizations for this purpose,
To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.


It is a unit which to inform the national and international public by making information and compilations about project, education, scientific, social, cultural and artistic activities.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To carry out the written and visual media activities of our organization and to ensure that the activities of our organization take place in national and international media,
To organize press conferences, preparing statements to be served in written and visual media, gathering news and information in the media on behalf of our organization,
To develop press activity projects to increase the visibility and awareness of the services of our organization,
To prepare all kinds of written, visual and printed materials for the purpose, activities and promotion of our organization,
To stay in constant contact with the public and the press, bringing the other duties assigned by the board of directors.


This unit aims to develop, expand, diversify, improve the quality and efficiency of the organization, organizational theory, strategic management, marketing, sales, potential growth management, analytical feedback management,

procurement, accounting and financial planning and customized systems to produce units.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To produce strategies to identify deficiencies in the project, market, marketing, quality, productivity, product and service development process of the organization and our organization members,
To conduct national / international competitive analyzes, to determine the initial steps for a new project of business developers, to establish SWOT analysis,
Within the framework of the organization’s understanding of networking, to help to establish strategic relations and alliances with real and legal entities based on sound references,
To work together with all departments of the organization due to the different approaches and working areas within our organization,
To develop finance, insurance and guarantor systems in the business development of the organization’s projects and members.


TIt is our unit which helps to find new markets and reach new markets for the products and services produced by our members in Turkey.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To prepare market report for our

members in Turkey and explore new markets for our businesses,
To conduct studies in the newly created market, producing supply and demand, conducting economic, social researches, preparing reports, sharing with the public,
To guide economic, economic activities and activities, creating models and trying to disseminate these models,
To try to establish alternative financing facilities, guarantor and insurance systems to facilitate the import and export of the sector.


It is the unit which tries to strengthen the international arena, to bring new members, new projects and new business associations around the world, to develop the organization, to be more effective, easier and faster to access its activities and to establish international promotion, marketing and liaison offices to eliminate language and cultural differences.


This is the department that establishes and conducts our relations with the actors, states, international, regional organizations, multinational companies, international norms and international societies in the kur international system icilik of our

organization. The field of study of international relations is quite broad.

Duties and Responsibilities;
To conduct international lobbying activities in favor of the organization within the framework of the aims and activities of our organization,
To make economic, social and cultural researches about the target country / region, to prepare reports,
To guide social, cultural, economic, economic activities and activities of the target country / region, creating models, organizing material, in-kind aid in case of need,
To support global transformation of biodiversity into social benefit,
To help societies meet their healthy dietary requirements in an adequate quantity, quality, economic, ecological and socially sustainable ways,
To assist our members in our efforts to reach international new markets and market research.


This unit checks whether the members and / or the public-institutions and organizations that we cooperate with are supplying the requested products and / or services from the national-international markets and the quality of the products and / or services that

the parties have agreed upon in written before shipment. This is the unit which certifies the parties after the inspection.

Duties and Responsibilities;
The main aim of the quality control system is to prevent the inadequacy of the production, the negativities in export / import,
To prevent unqualified and / or non-standard products from taking measures for the member enterprises during the supply and demand,
To try to prevent the situation of supply and demand from both sides by giving an indication of the possible human source error of the supplying enterprises.

As well as the main purpose of the quality control system is to prevent quality in production, negativity in export / import, quality control has secondary purposes.
To ensure the highest efficiency from the machinery and labor available, to ensure that the work is done correctly at the beginning,
KTo reduce of production losses and scrap-waste rate caused by the time used to correct defective products,