DThe Supervisory Board consists of 3 principal and 3 substitute members. It is the unit that audits the Board of Directors’ usage of the duties, authorities and budget in accordance with the laws and procedures and reports to the general assembly. Each year, the Board of Audit carries out audits at least twice a year and

submits these reports to the board of directors and submits one copy to the chairman of the general assembly meeting to ensure that it is read in the general assembly. The Audit Board may obtain assistance from the independent auditor institutions at any time by joint decision. However, this does not completely eliminate the responsibility of the board of auditors. .

Inner control; The Board of Directors conducts absolute internal audits at Purpose of Internal Audit: To evaluate whether the resources are managed according to the principles of economy and efficiency to add value to TARIMKON studies and improvements.


The Disciplinary Board consists of 3 principal and 3 substitute members. Investigating whether the delegates, commissions and council members / members delegated to it by the Board of Directors use the duties and authorities assigned to them in accordance with the bylaws, objectives and activities may decide to

return, condemnation, warning and / or export to the office when necessary. The Board of Directors may delegate the delegate, commission and council member (s) he delegated to the Disciplinary Committee to the task of dismissing him / herself until the decision is made.
The Board of Directors may even delegate the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Discipline to the Disciplinary Board by majority of the votes if deemed necessary. If one and / or more than one member of the Discipline Board is referred to the Disciplinary Board, the substitute members are called for a replacement.

The authority to investigate the Disciplinary Board may be granted by the Board of Directors. The Disciplinary Board expects a transfer from the Board of Directors in order to process the reports coming to the Disciplinary Board directly and to obtain the authorization of investigation.


It is composed of academicians in the national and international fields that the sector knows and respects within the objectives and activities of the organization. The Board is determined by the approval of the Board of Directors. The members of the Science Board may work in at least two working groups and commissions on their fields

at the same time.
Duties of the Science Board
-To make policy decisions for the effective fulfillment of the scientific and academic work of the organization,
To conduct scientific and R & D activities within the organization’s activities, ,
To give an opinion on the issues that the board needs
-To give an opinion on the organization’s information and translation production and activities,
-To contribute to the preparation of annual scientific and cultural programs with the organization’s strategic plan,
- To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.,


The Executive Board consists of 11 members. In case of resignation or expulsion of one of these members, the Executive Board shall convene within one week and notify the Board of Directors by selecting the new member. The Executive Board members are approved by the Board of Directors and begin their work.

Executive board; It organizes the international lobbying, activities and relations of TARIMKON. Makes the organization of the country and directs and manages within the framework of the duties given by the board of directors.

Executive board; Under the board, the Directorate of International Relations, the International Organization, the Quality Control and Expertise Department, audits and organizes the activities, duties and authorities of the International Marketing and Lobbying Departments. It tries to strengthen the confederation in the international arena.


It is a unit which follows and finalizes the customs clearance and/or customs procedures of the products / goods of which the member or service of the TARIMKON.

Duties of Customs Consultancy; In the export and import activities of our members and / or our businesses,

which we have provided under the consultancy of our organization;.

Ensuring that customs procedures are carried out in accordance with the legislation,
Ensuring that customs duty and other taxes to be collected by the customs administrations correctly,
Providing consultancy services to our members in the field of foreign trade,
To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors,


It is the department that consulted with the information and consultancy about the social, cultural, economic, bureaucratic and functioning of our organization, which is composed of national and international knowledge, experienced, leader in the field and the persons who have reputation in public-

institutions and organizations. The decisions taken by this board are recommendations to the Board of Directors.