TARIMKON, acting in accordance with these objectives, has been in the process of 10 years;

• To establish a sales and marketing office in 44 countries where our organization exists and to raise the number of organized countries to at least 90 countries,

• To train international marketing specialists in all of our sales and marketing offices,

• To ensure the completion of market research for the agriculture and food sector of all target countries and to keep them up to date,

• To bring at least 5,000 companies those are members of TARIMKON to new international markets,

• To help increase the country image of the target countries,

• To contribute to the increase in productivity and quality in the production of agricultural and food sectors in the target countries,

• To ensure the continuity of activities that will enable our enterprises reaching to the international market through TARIMKON,

• To carry out B2B, B2C, Multi-job interviews, delegation organizations with at least 10 countries every year among TARIMKON's international marketing target countries.

• To get a shareholding of World Agriculture and Food trade volume of the target countries, within the scope of these activities with percantages below

1st Year: 0.5% | Year 2: 1% | 3rd Year: 2.5% | 4. Year: 4% | Year 5: 5% | 6th Year: 6% | 7. Year: 7% | Year 8: 7.5% | Year 9: 8% | 10th Year: 8,5%


TARIMKON is proud to work together with every real and legal person within the framework of international marketing and economic cooperation integration platform, which can act with a joint consultation under one roof, supply, demand, consultancy and project owners in the field of agriculture, food and related industries.

TARIMKON will continue to provide national and international marketing support to our manufacturers, businesses, companies and businessmen with philosophy of ‘’YOU JUST PRODUCE, LEAVE US THE REST’’.