Economic developments in the world are continuing rapidly. Today, with increasing world trade volume and increasing competition, the efforts of companies to increase their market share are increasing rapidly. Staying in this competitive environment depends on being successful in the international arena.

Businesses are focused on continuous development and growth. Since the internal market will allow growth at a certain rate, it is inevitable for our enterprises to open up to the international market. Otherwise, with the growth in the domestic market saturation, business graphics will now move downward.

As in the entire in business world, in our field, day-to-day projects and programs have lost their validity. Each corporate legal entity now carries out 5-10, even 50 to 100 annual plans, projects. In order to achieve this, a complete and error-free program should be conducted and set mission, vision, quality values ​​and targets.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to produce projects. A good project can take place through consultations that develop within the framework of goals, strategies and common interests, where all parties can come together.

That is exactly what TARIMKON does. Agriculture, food and industry-based supply, demand, consultancy, investment and project owners around a single table by moving around the joint consultation, economic, economic cooperation provides integration.

It supports you with the national and international market, market research, marketing and projects that will help you to bring the inputs and outputs of our sector representatives to the maximum level of their inputs and outputs.


• As part of NETWORK, which is comprised of hundreds of thousands of national and international supply / demand holders, you are aware of all the demands and demands on a global scale.

• Our organization examines your national-international competitors for you; strategies, price policies, campaigns, promotions, the consumer gives you information about the message helps you get to know your competitors.

• We try to guide you to switch to ''FIRST MARKET THEN PRODUCTION'' instead of ''FIRST PRODUCTION THEN MARKET'' understanding.

 • Business meetings (B2B, B2C, Multi-business meeting) consisting of international suppliers / buyers can be organized and promoted in these meetings.

• Your awareness within this network will increase your visibility and increase your brand value,

• Our organization relieves your workload by managing the whole operation (communication, language, logistics, customs, law, insurance, etc.) of the supply and demand it creates for you.

• Try to help you with your customs, logistics, cultural and political problems in your existing export and import.

• It will help you to solve your missing document and / or certificate requirements that you may need to complete your import / export in the national / international arena.

• All necessary training for you and / or your staff about international marketing and foreign trade will be provided by our experts and will help you to grow your company with expert staff.

• And dozens of our services have been mentioned above.

TARIMKON will continue to be the world's largest non-governmental organization with you.


National and international agricultural, food and industry-based representatives (real and legal persons), by filling out the full membership form of TARIMKON, (this form can be obtained from www.tarimkon.org), must deliver to the presidency of TARIMKON. (It can be sent to info@tarimkon.org.)

The membership application form which comes to the presidency is evaluated by the board of directors convened once a week. The Board of Directors may accept and reject who are applying for membership, or may propose to remain observer members for a period of time.

Observer Member: In order to examine the candidates who are applying for membership of TARIMKON, board of directors of TARIMKON may register the candidate member as an observer. The observer member cannot benefit from any economic and economic activity of TARIMKON. Participate in social and cultural activities.

Observer members TARIMKON may be allowed to participate as a guest in other activities depending on the decision of the board of directors of TARIMKON. An observer member shall be entitled to withdraw from membership at any time.

Voting Method: Every real and legal person, board, commission, work council member who is a member of TARIMKON shall cast his votes by secret ballot in the general assembly. The ballot paper is checked by the Presidency of the Council to see if it is clean and understandable. No real and / or legal member who does not pay the membership fees cannot vote, but cannot be a candidate to serve in any of the units of TARIMKON