TARIMKON is an international non-governmental organization, rapidly growing every day by economic integration and cooperation, acts in the field of agriculture and food and sub-industries related to these sectors as consultancy and joint consultation with project owners, playing the role as marketer, connector, catalyst and guarantor, as well as effectively safeguards and promotes its members’ business interests at local, regional, national and international levels. 

As the governing body with 9 federations, 7 platforms, 1 foundation, 1 cooperative, 274 associations, TARIMKON is operating through 18 regional directors responsible from 81 city and 640 province representatives in Turkey, and spans 44 countries with established sales and marketing offices in 12 countries, and with its 21 functional departments including Business Development and R&D center in its headquarters. 

TARIMKON has placed the mentality of ‘’FIRST MARKET THEN PRODUCE’’ instead of ‘’FIRST PRODUCE THEN MARKET’’.

TARIMKON is the only and the largest NGO who serves to its national and international members, sector representatives, businessmen, farmers of the world, producers, investors, other NGO’s, cooperatives and local governments on importing, exporting, foreign investments, national and international agriculture, food, mechanization, technology and environment.


We are as an NGO to promote the use of modern technology and high quality production materials in agricultural production, quality increase in food sector,

To work on behalf of the sector representatives to reach new international markets, to meet the healthy nutrition requirements of the societies in terms of economic, ecological and socially sustainable ways with sufficient quantity and quality.

To create an advanced, modern, reliable, people-oriented producer-consumer / supply-demand balance that can compete in the international arena with the contribution of agriculture and agricultural industry which increases the efficiency by protecting the biodiversity and transforming it to the social benefit.


We aim to produce projects to be able to conduct economic and political developments in the global arena in cooperation with public-institutions, organizations, civil society, private sector and universities in the international field of agriculture, food and environment,

To be one of the most important investment, finance and R & D centers in the world with a significant share in global trade, innovative entrepreneurship, global entrepreneurship, leading entrepreneurs and brands,

To contribute to the competitiveness of the sector in the free market conditions and in the international market by taking into account the sustainable development in raising the income level and welfare of farmers, producers, sector representatives and sector employees,

To be able to meet the healthy nutrition needs of societies in order to increase the productivity in agricultural production and increase the quality of the food sector by using modern technology, high efficiency and high quality production materials with the slogan ‘’Agriculture is for everyone’’,

To create an improved producer-consumer balance that can compete internationally with the contribution of agriculture and agricultural industry, which increases productivity while preserving biodiversity and transforming it to social benefit.